Welcome to the Lacuna Collective!

While we will always be in progress, we excited to begin the process of opening our virtual doors.

Lacuna Collective Mission and Commitment 
Who We Are and Hope To Be

The Lacuna Collective is a writer, poet and artist collective founded to amplify, center, and provide creative space  for voices and experiences that lack such space to thrive.

We celebrate that we are together, alive, and creating a future as we work and love, love and work. We are generative, invitational and affirming.

These are rooms of our own. The space is ours to make and unmake. To manifest. To create. To be. In whatever form we desire. 

We work to uproot white supremist culture surrounding us and sown in us. 

We work to upend all of its manifestations. 

In the collective, we elect to nurture and praise. We are embodied and socially constructed, We shall thrive. There is no norm. There is no hierarchy of value or position. We see, hear, and feel each other as each of us say we are. We believe, accept, and fight for each other’s truth.   

We believe in art in all its forms. We move into the multi dimensional and the transformative beyond the written, beyond the confines of only a page and paper, beyond scarcity and into limitlessness.   

Interaction, impact, liveliness, and engagement is what we seek and not immortality, not commodification, not exaltation, not recognition and granting of cultural or monetary capital.  We recognize ourselves. 

We make a vow to all our futurity and to our joyous survival. 
We commit to mutual aid and amplify each other’s story and creations. We follow Alice Walker’s call. Each one must pull one. 

The collective is a third space. We are intersectional. We stand in the truth that each of us contains multitudes. No one is required to reveal themselves partially or fully unless they wish to and no one will reveal another without active consent. We will not reduce our complexities. 

We call each other what each has named themselves. We strive to not prevaricate and to communicate grievances and gratitudes. We will be both comforted and uncomfortable for this is the way to newness and to thriving. 

This mission is not static. We are always seeking to revise and rethink. We remain open to new ways of seeing and being. We will do better as we know better so that all may flourish. 

Please look around!