Co Working

Co Working and Co Creating Spaces offer a space to be in the warmth of each other. 

Lacuna offers a virtual space for those who wish to meet and labor side by side. 

Members have access to the Lacuna Events Calendar to post Co Working and Co Creation times and dates. These can be closed/focused groups or whole collective and invite group groups. 

Lacuna members have access to the Collective’s Pro Zoom Account or can also use the Google Meet  connected to the Collective which allows greater privacy and features than using a work or free account. 

Co Working/Co Creation Space is especially helpful for a practice called body doubling.

The space works well to lessen feelings of isolation, to build community, to collaborate, for creative sprints, finish tedious life tasks which impede creative energy because we procrastinate about them and punish ourselves by not making, to submit work and  to share information.. 

The host sets up how the co working space works best for them. Muted or not. Cameras on or not. Sharing or not. How long. And so on.

If you are a member, just send an email requisition access to the Collective email.