Installations are spaces in which individual members of Lacuna or pairs or groups show off, express and experiment with their creative visions.

Instead of a publishing/exhibition model based on culling and curating, we say yes, yes, yes.

As a Collective member, we provide for each other this virtual space to host our work.

An installation can be whatever you want it to be. The glory of this digital space is that 2 dimensional space can be ruptured and if we do it right, more accessible for more bodies and minds.

If you are interested in creating an installation in this space, you may want to start first with a post to the Discussion Space as to what you are thinking about. When you are ready. email the Collective email with a sketch of your vision and what kind of support and collaboration you might need. Someone will reach out and pair you with a web design talent within the Collective to help with this aspect of your project.