For the Lacuna Collective, Salas serve as a gathering space to hold necessary conversations, increase our knowledge and skills, enjoy each other’s company and ideas, develop projects, and practice our craft. 

These Salas, acknowledging femme led French tradition of Salons but infused with the abundance of our communities’ ways of being, take many shapes but are usually composed of someone who organizes and leads the Sala and attendees.

These are intimate gatherings and meant to be personal so the usual number in attendance is less than seven. Salas tend to be a series of gatherings with a focal point. Attendees do not need to attend all events in the series but can attend as time and life allows. 

This space is not a traditional workshop of writing or other art forms. It is not transactional: the artist only shares what they need ‘fixed’; the attendees tell them what’s ‘wrong.’ This space is a decolonized, emergent space, a “living” room. It is relational. We storytell, we feel, we dialogue, we exchant, we tend together. 

  • Lacuna Collective Salas
    •  Craft Salas
      • Focus on an aspect of creating and practicing with others. A moment where mentorships can form and also co learning and risk in trying new techniques.
    • Work in Progress Salas
      •  A sharing but a collective member of a work in progress. A collaboration against the idea of perfection.
  • Confabulations
    • Discussions of an event, idea, article, book, theory, writer and other fascinations. A time together  that invites not knowing, all ways of knowing, and curiosity. 

If you a a Collective member and want to host a Sala

  1.  Reach out to another Collective member who has hosted a Sala before  to co-create your Sala. Reread the Mission and Commitments of Lacuna and create this space with those intentions.
  2.  Check the Calendar to make sure you are not in conflict with other spaces being held virtually or in the physical realm.
  3. Access to the Lacuna Events Calendar post the Sala.
  4. Use the Discussion Space to let the collective know about the event.   Be sure you are subscribed to the Calendar on your personal  calendars and to the Discussion Space so you can stay updated about happenings.
  5. Make sure any promotional  graphics are accessible to all. If you need help with doing so, contact the Collective email for assistance. 
  6. Access to the Collective’s Pro Zoom Account or can also use the Google Meet and schedule the Sala if Virtual
  7. If you wish to hold the Sala in physical space, reach out to the Collective asking for what you need and we can resource share and see what can be provided.