For the Lacuna Collective, the troupes give members with shared interests and identities a place to find good company.

The troupes vary in compositions but are usually created out of a need for support, collaboration, and a space within which we have to explain ourselves less.

The troupes work together to perform and create. They are a caucus for concerns and points of view of the communities within Lacuna they are composed of to each other and to the whole of the Collective. These ensembles gather the lived experiences, traditions, ways of being, inner and outer knowing, talents, and skills of their members to sustain each other and to help each other thrive. The troupes socialize and prioritize joy.

The troupes have rotating and/or collective leadership so that all members can direct their work and be fully heard.

Lacuna Collective Troupes

Artform Troupe:

Composed of Collective Members who practice their art in the same genres


▪ Comedy 
▪ Creative Nonfiction
▪ Dance
▪ Digital
▪ Drama
▪ Fiction 
▪ Film
▪ Music 
▪ Multi 
▪ Performance 
▪ Poetry
▪ Photography 
▪ Sculpture 
▪ Song 
▪ Stagecraft, Tech and Crew 
▪ Storytelling 
▪ Textile 
▪ Visual

Cultural Troupes:

Composed of Collective Members who name themselves part of the same identity 


▪ Academics 
▪ African Diaspora
▪ Asian Diaspora
▪ Disabled
▪ Elders
▪ European Diaspora
▪ Fathers
▪ Hindi
▪ Indigenous 
▪ Immigrant 
▪ Jewish
▪ Lantinx
▪ Men
▪ Mothers
▪ Multi Racial 
▪ Muslim
▪ Non Academics 
▪ Non Binary 
▪ Pacific Islander 
▪ Queer
▪ Refugee 
▪ Sober 
▪ Survivor 
▪ Women
▪ Working Class 
▪ Youth

If you are a Collective member and wish to found a Troupe: 

1. Reach out to other Collective members to co-create. Bring someone into the Collective as well if you feel the need for more companionship in this aspect of yourself. 

2. Reread the Mission and Commitments of Lacuna and create this space with those intentions. As you share your Troupe vision, ask potential  Troupe members within the Collective if there is anything you are not seeing or making room for. 

3. Check the Calendar to make sure you are not in conflict with other spaces being held virtually or in the physical realm. 

4. Access to the Lacuna Events Calendar post the meeting times for the Troupe. 

5. Use the Discussion Space to let the collective know about the Troupe and meeting dates   Be sure you are subscribed to the Calendar on your personal  calendars and to the Discussion Space so you can stay updated about happenings. 

6. Make sure any promotional  graphics are accessible to all. If you need help with doing so, contact the Collective email for assistance. 

7. Access to the Collective’s Pro Zoom Account or can also use the Google Meet and schedule the meetings if Virtual

8. If you wish to hold the Troupe in physical space, reach out to the Collective asking for what you need and we can resource share and see what can be provided.